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Work Experience

I was initially an intern at BMG Advertising and Public Relations (Royal Optical's Art Department) back in 1993. That started a career in print in full time and temporary employment. The temp jobe were the best. I worked for a day up to a couple of months. Temp jobs usually got me the full time job there. One primarily being at EDS.

In the print field, I was usually on the Macintosh computers working in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark XPress and sometimes Adobe FreeHand and PageMaker.

In 2001, I shifted over to the Windows environment and into Web design. The main job there was at Verizon SuperPages (later Idearc). They had me work there as a temporary employee through The Addecco Group. I became permanent soon after. I designed thousands of Web sites there mainly through their software program, Netopia. But I would do the mock up using Adobe Photoshop then bringing it into Dreamweaver.

I left the company due to their financial problems and the direction of the company. My mother was entering her 80s so I thought best to look after her untill I don't.

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